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Big Blue Conservation - Koh Tao - Thailand

22nd April 2015

22nd April 2015

Earth Day!

Earth Day! An annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April, where events are held, to express our support for all environmental protection happening worldwide. It first started in 1970,…

13th February 2015

13th February 2015

Valentine Charity Auction

Charity Valentine Auction Over the years we have looked at many ways to raise money for charity, that would still be fun and exciting to the audience, sponsored swims, and…

5th February 2015

5th February 2015

Big Blue Conservation

Restoration of the Big Blue Lizard Approximately 5 years ago, the dive schools here on Koh Tao, united to create an artificial reef area, that could not only be used…

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Big Blue Conservation
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About Big Blue

We are a particularly passionate bunch at Big Blue, especially when it comes to diving. We love the island and the superb and diverse diving that it offers. For this reason we wanted to make a long term commitment to ensuring the conservation of the island, reef and all of it's beautiful inhabitants so we launched Big Blue Conservation.

The main objective of Big Blue Conservation is to do as much as we can to ensure that the island remains undisturbed by the growing tourism and that the marine life is here in Koh Tao for future generations to enjoy. As well as working closely with Save Koh Tao on larger projects such as Buoyancy World and Bio Rock, we are implementing a range of smaller projects such as coral nurseries and a constructed wetland to help clean the islands grey water.
Big Blue is focused on conserving the astonishing abundance of life Koh Tao's reefs have to offer, as well as contributing to global research studying the impact of climate change on this beautiful environment. There is hope for the oceans but we must act now.  The hope lies in the dedication of people like us at Big Blue to make a difference and give something back to the world we know and love. So come and join in!

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Koh Tao

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Why Big Blue?

bullet5 dive boats per day
bulletUp to 20 divesites
bulletFull day trips to Sail Rock
bulletInstructor Training
bulletEco Internships
bulletBreathhold Diving
bulletFree Dorms


bulletBest Location in Sairee Beach
bulletFull day trips to Angthong Marine Park

bulletFull day trips to Chumphon Marine Park
bulletTech diving Cave & Wreck expeditions
bulletLuxurious Beachfront AC Bungalows
bulletBest Pizza on Koh Tao!
bulletBeachfront Resorts with bar & restaurant

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