Big Blue Conservation - Events

Our clean-ups will usually be scheduled towards the end of each month.beach clean nov 500 x 281

With the beach clean up in the morning on Sairee and the underwater clean up in the afternoon - the best part is that the dive is free! Just sign up in the shop, or contact us for more details.



A fundraising event that helps raise money to Shark conservation projects worldwide. 

Supporting charity organisations such as:

  • Shark Guardians
  • Sea Shepherd 
  • Save Koh Tao 

The main event of our Swim For Sharks fundraiser is a 3.4km swim around the neighboring island Koh Nang Yuan. Everyone can join in, whether you are a competitive swimmer or enjoy snorkeling! There are several different races to compete in:


Also anyone that wishes to do any of the other events and get sponsored will also recieve a free events T-shirt if they collect more that 2,000 Baht in sponsors.

In the evening we celebrate the winners of the events as well as congratulate everyone that took part.

The evening starts with food, drinks specials, a big raffle with many prizes to give away, and then our last event the Shave-4-Sharks – volunteers raise money to have their hair shaved into a fin-like Mohawk!



On the night of full moon, the majority of tourists leave for the neighbouring island Koh Phangan which hosts the world famous beach party, this leaves the locals with a little peace before the rush.

So each full moon we organise what many might call a pub quiz, an event for all to test their general knowledge and be rewarded with prizes, along with knowing you contribute towards a local charity. For more information just keep an eye on our events board.