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Big Blue Conservation - Marine Conservation

    • Over 70% of the worlds surface is the ocean
    • The Ocean encompass more than 90% of the worlds living space
    • It holds more than 90% of the worlds biomass
    • However, in just 40 years time, humans could have significantly altered the global oceans beyond recognition.
    • Areas the size of 6575 football fields of coral reefs are destroy every day.

The aim of marine conservation is to limit damage and restore marine resources affected by human interactions.

Koh Tao depends on its dive tourism, however scientists gave many reefs around Koh Tao an estimated living time of just 5 years from now. Without the reefs, not only will we destroy many of the 2nd most diverse ecosystems in the world, but also the livelihood of many surrounding communities.

Marine conservation utilises a number of conservation practices combining theoretical disciplines such as ecology and evolutionary biology with practical strategies such as setting up marine protected areas (MPAs) and reserves, and educating the community on sustainable fishing practices.
At Big Blue, we strive to be PROACTIVE, targeting foreseeable problems before they have a major impact. We educate all our divers on ecofriendly dive practices through courses and our dive briefings. All our divemasters are trained in coral reef health monitoring and ecology. We contribute significantly to local community conservation initiatives and events, as well as holding our own fundraising events for conservation projects. Further information on all of our current projects is available in Eco Projects.