Big Blue Conservation - Big Blue Conservation - Koh Tao

What a great day out! Divemaster trainees TJ, Parker, Casper, Katy, Phil, Oli, Chris, James and Tom, and Big Blue Divemaster Regi and Eco Emma all took a great dive at our nursery yesterday. With the sun shining (monsoon season huh?!) the day started off with a talk about fish and coral biology and identification, and about the coral nursery conservation project. Then the whole team headed to the nursery where in buddy teams, they monitored their own section of nursery, counting dead/live/missing fragments. After they had a play at the nuresery (with the resident 30 juveile batfish keeping an eye on things), they checked up on the transplants we put back on the reef (which are doing fantastic!!). Then, they made their way back to shore and did a clean-up on the way back. All DMT's said they had a great time and learnt alot about the reefs they dive so much. As part of the Divemaster programme at Big Blue, our Divemaster trainees have access to marine biology and conservation education and practical opportunities. So it's great if you're looking to become a Divemaster and want a little something extra to add to your CV! Contact us at the Marine Conservation center of Big Blue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..