Big Blue Conservation - Artificial Reefs

artificial-reefsWell, we all know and love our coral reefs. But unfortunately, diving and tourism pressure on the island is degrading our existing reefs. The solution? Make artificial ones! Marine conservation is vital for the long-term sustainability of Koh Tao’s economy and environment, and the artificial reefs serve to alleviate some of the dive and boat pressure from some of the more popular dives sites on the island.

The sites include:

  • Buoyancy World - an alternative dive site and coral nursery designed and constructed by the island’s community and dive schools through the Save Koh Tao group in 2009 and deployed near Twin Peaks. By increasing novice diver’s buoyancy skills with obstacles not found naturally on a reef we hope to reduce incidences of personal injury/illness and protect natural reef areas from damage. By also acting as a coral/fish nursery the project will help to restore and improve the abundance and biodiversity of Koh Tao’s reefs and help to offset local anthropogenic impacts. Read more in our Buoyancy World section.
  • The HTMS Sattakut and MV Trident wrecks - both boats were donated to Koh Tao to act as diver training grounds for wreck specialties, and artificial reef to encourage marine life to otherwise baron areas, and help spread the dive pressure to other sites than our reefs.
  • BioRock - this permanent new reef uses electrolysis to encourage coral growth. Again, it has turned this sandy sparse area into a healthy new reef! Just come dive it and see!! read more in our BioRock section.